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The Vastu Challenge

Activate Vastu Energies To Achieve Success, Money, Wealth, Relationship, Love, Career

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How Does The Vastu Challenge Program Work ?

Our life is the sum of Vastu energies acting on us. If more energies are in our support life moves in a positive direction. If more energies are against us, lives moves in a negative direction. To achieve success, wealth, peace & love, we need to reduce negative energies & increase the positive energies. 

1st Step -  We will identify & remove all major negative vastu energies blocking your growth and bringing trouble with Simple Remedies.

2nd Step - We will increase Protective Vastu Energies which will give you support. 

3rd Step - We will Activate Vastu Energies To Specifically boost your Wealth, Abundance, Cash Flow, Health, Relationship Etc.

As soon as you register, you will get access to all the videos in The Vastu Challenge Program which will help you achieve abundance in your life


 Who is The Vastu Challenge For ?

This program is for any one who stays in a house or a home. It doesn't matter whether you stay in our own house or a rented apartment or a PG / Hostel. Vastu Energies constantly act on you. The Vastu Challenge will help you make the vastu of your house so positive in just a couple of days that it will change your life as well as your families life. 

Right From A Student, to a Working Professional to a Business Man, to a House Wife should do this.

Who Am I ?

Hi, I am Rahul. An Engineer, Entrepreneur, Vastu Shastra Consultant, Astrologer, Numerologist & an Excellent guide. I have have consulted over 10000+ Clients till date. I have made this Vastu Challenge with the objective of helping many people and rectifying the vastu dosh of your home without any demolition.

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What Will You Get From This Vastu Challenge?

Activate Cash Flow

Activate Wealth

Activate Job Opportunity (Govt, Private, Foreign Settlement)

Activate Business Opportunity

Activate Health Energies

Activate Peace Energies

Activate Relationship Energies

Activate Marriage Yog

Activate Super Luck

Activate Manifestation

Remove Blockages
Activate Protection From Negative Energies

Remove Unwanted Expenses

Remove Tension Between Family Members

Secret Remedies To Remove Obstructions

Make Your Home A Luck Magnet

Accurately Identify The Correct Direction Of Your House In 30 Seconds

Find Out The Vastu Dosh Or Imbalance & Remove Them From Your House

25+More Exciting Stuff

Bonus Worth Rs 25000/- Absolutely Free

Bonus 1

Free GemStone Alternative

Bonus 3

Isochronic Tones To Enhance Your Mind

Bonus 5

Lucky No Analysis

Bonus 2

Premium Wallpaper For Mobile

Bonus 4

Subconsious Mind Mastery

Bonus 6

Lucky Color Analysis

Bonus 7, 8. 9

To Be Unlocked After Purchase

Instant Access

Get Immediate Access To All The Videos.

Guaranteed Results

Over 3000+ People have taken this program and have gained life changing results.


This Course Will Be Accessible To Your For Life Time.

1) How Will This  Vastu Challenge Help Me?

The Energies of the place that we live decides our future, wealth, relationship health and marriage. This vastu challenge will activate the right vastu energies in your house to attract wealth, abundance, cashflow, health, & relationship.  This vastu challenge will also remove the negative energies that are restricting you from growing in life. It will also provide you a layer of protection to shield you from negative energies from other people as well as from your planets. 

This course has changed the life of over 3000+ people and will change yours too.  


2) We want to know more about this Vastu Challenge. Can we whatsapp you?

You can WhatsApp my team on 7044878813. Please note that this is a whatsapp only number and calls wont be taken.  Just Mention that 

3) I stay in rented house. Should I do this?

Yes. It dosent matter whether you stay in a your own house, a rented house or in a single room. Change the vastu of the place that you live in and very soon you will be changing your life.


4) Is Demolition Suggested?

No demolition is suggested, Infact, i strictly prohibit demolition. Simple remedies and balancing practices are given to improve the Vastu Of Your House.

5) Do we need to spend any money for the remedies?

No, you donot need to spend a single penny for the remedies. They can be done at home. Remedies are so simple that a 10 year old child can also do the same.


6) Is This Challenge / Course in Video?

Yes, the entire program is in video format. You will get access to it as soon as you register.

7) Is There Any Live Support?

Yes. There will be zoom calls at regular intervals. I will be answering the questions that you might have.

8) Lifetime access of the course?

Yes. This course is available for lifetime.


9) How and when will I get access?

You will get immediate access to the course on registration. All the details will be mailed to you immediately along with the bonuses.

10) Is This For The Entire Family?

Yes just one subscription is for the entire family only  at  Rs 499.

Get Instant Access To The Course & Bonuses Now

Take Advantage Of The Discount Before Price Increases
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