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Refund Policy

Fortune Maker is committed to providing each customer with exceptional service.

The only requirement to avail a refund is to complete your Consultancy call with us and if you are not satisfied with the call,  inform us of the same and ask for the refund on the call itself.

We will try to address your issue or problem for your dissatisfaction & will try to resolve your problem & query. If we are not able to solve it, we shall issue your refund. Apart from this, refunds are not provided for any other reason. 

Important Note:


1)Refunds are not possible in the case where you make a mistake while filling up your details which forms for the basis of your consultation. 

2) Refunds are not given for lack of any post-call support.  Post call support doesn't form the essence of our consultation and is only on best effort basis. 


3) Refunds are  not given for any reasonable delay in calls due to unavoidable circumstances. 


4) Refunds are  not given for the delay in consultation where you have not given us your details timely on the correct number as instructed.  We don't offer refunds for any of those above cases.

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