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Combined Astrology, Numerology & Palmistry Consultancy To Re-Enginner The Energy Of Your Planets 


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Select Your Prefered Time & Book Your Call Now At 66% Discount 

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If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then THIS CONSULTANCY is for you BY Re -engineering thE energy of your planets‍

Dont believe me? Look At the results my clients are getting-

Select Your Prefered Time & Book Your Call Now At 66% Discount 

How Does This Consultation Work ?

Astrology + Palmistry +Numerology

I Combine your astrology with numerology & palmistry to make accurate predictions, pinpoint the issues behind the problems & Give you supper efficient & cost free  remedies.

Re- Engineering Energies Of Your Planets

After studying your charts, I identify key events in your life and the planetary energies in your life.  I make accurate predictions accordingly plus I give you simple remedies which you can do at your home to change your energies and get the desired results

Chat Or Call

This consultancy can be done both on a call or a chat. You will be directly speaking with me - Rahul Modi. And I will personally guide you through this journey,

Unlimited Questions & Free Remedies

You can  ask unlimited questions & there is no extra charge for the remedies.. The remedies are so simple that they can be done at home without any expenditure & So powerful that  you see the impact immediately. 

Select Your Prefered Time & Book Your Call Now At 66% Discount 


He Is Excellent At What He Does. Personal Life Become So Much Better.

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Their Readings Were Excellent For Me.  Helped Me  Lot In Improving My Relationship


They Gave Me Simple Remedies Which I Was Able To Do From Home & I Don't Know How But It Worked.


What Do you Get:


This consultancy will be conducted by me personally on a phone call or chat. 

Our consultancy involves reading a combined Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry charts. This combination helps us in addressing all the factors involved. This gives accurate predictions and super accurate remedies.

This consultancy will completely transform your life and drive away maximum issues from your life. 

You will Also Get A Free Ebook - " Supercharge Your Luck " Worth Rs 750 absolutely free

What You Pay:

The Actual price of our consultancy is Rs 1500 but due to the current scenario, I have given a 63% discount of rupees 950 and you only have to pay Rs 499.

How will it be done:

The reading will be done on a phone call or chat. There is no limit on the number of questions or duration of the phone call.

Is The Remedy Free?

Yes, the remedies given by us is completely free and there is no cost involved at all. These simple remedies can be done at home.

When Will I Get My Appointment After Payment?

Once you make the payment, my team will call you to fix your appointment according to a time that is suitable for you.

Select Your Prefered Time & Book Your Call Now At 66% Discount 

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