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4.8/5 (3451 Ratings)

999 /-

Rs 499 /- Only
(Limited Time Offer)

G Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, BHIM UPI

✔️Get Remedies In A Few Hours
6535+ People Have Already Taken This
✔️Majority Of The People See Within Results In 5 to 20 Days
✔️Bonuses Worth 5000+

What Will You Get?

Planetary Energies (Astrology) , Vibrations Of Our Numbers (Numerology) & Our Karmic Accounts (Palmistry) are together responsible for the condition of our life.

I will analyze your Astrology, Palmistry & Numerology charts & Give You Personalised Remedies for all your problems. As soon as you click on the red button and proceed, you will get the option to mention & type all your problems and goals, such as financial issues, business growth, job improvement, promotion, delay in marriage, loans, money being stuck, depression, foreign settlement, government jobs, marriage issue, childbirth,  or any other problem that you may have. 

You will also get the following bonuses personalized for you -

✔️ Life Time Contact - I will add you to a premium channel in which I will be collectively guiding you all & motivating you to take actions. 

✔️ Remedies For All Your Problems & Desires - I will give you powerful personalized remedies for all your problems & all your goals and desires.

✔️ Improvement In Handwork To Result Ratio- I will Improve The Results To Hardwork Ratio So That You Will Get More Results For Handwork That You Do.

✔️ Improvement In Support Vs Resistive Energies- I will Increase the Supportive Energies & Reduce The Negative Energies.

✔️ Personalised Wealth & Abundance Remedies - Remedies To Improve Wealth & Finance So That You Never Have To Worry About Money Again

✔️ Right Donation For You - Right Donation Can Clear Up Blockages In Your Life by taking care of your karmic account. 

✔️ Support Color -  Colors Have Their Own Frequency And Energy. The Right Colors Can Bring In Luck And Shield Out Everything  Negative.

✔️ Support Number  - I will Give You A Set Of Personalized Support Numbers And Will Tell You Exactly How To Use Them To Bring In Support And Progress In Your Life. 

✔️ The Favourable God To Worship - God Is One But He Has Many Forms. Worshipping The Gods Right Form Will Open Wonders For You By Opening Doors Of Opportunities. 

✔️ Harmful Numbers - Numbers That Dont Suit You And Should Be Avoided. 

Beneficial Habits -  I wIll give You a  few habits that will re-calibrate your entire existence - it will change your habits, daily routine, mindset, and make you strong and disciplined.


Questions You May Have-

1) Will I Get The Results?
Absolutely. Thousands of people have seen their life change and dreams come true. They and their families are in a much better place. Their problems have gone away and their dreams have started fulfilling. 
2) What Is The Language Of The Report?
The Report Is Currently Available In English according to your choice. 
3) What Types Of Remedies Are Given?
The Remedies Are Very Simple And Easy To Do. They Do Not Take Any Time Or Cost. You Can Simple Do This By Giving Just 2-3 Minutes. People from all religions can do it easily. 
4) Can We Ask Any Questions On The Remedies Or Ask To Change Them?
Yes Absolutely. If You Have Any Questions Regarding The Remedies Given To You Or Need Any Explanation Regarding The same, We Are Always Available For Help. If you are unable to do a particular remedy, please drop us a within 24 hours and we will change the same. We don't do predictions as doing the remedies  & other things that I mention, automatically changes your future. 
5) Will We Have Access To Rahul Sir After This?
Absolutely, You Will Be Added To The Premium Channel Of Rahul Sir On Telegram. You Will Always Be Connected To Him There. 
6) How Long Will It Take To Get My Report?
I Will Cast Your Charts & Prepare Remedies For You. You, Will Get It Within A Day.
7) How Is It Different?
Remedies only work when they are personalized especially for you based on your charts and problem, & the goals. 
I will prepare the remedies based on your charts personally. The super remedies will be designed to systematically remove all imbalance and magically awaken your luck and Manifest All Your Dreams For You. You should definitely look at all the reviews given below.  

8) What Details Do I Need To Give -

You just have to give your Full Name, date, time & place of birth. Along with this, you can also give your pictures of both palms.   I Will combine, your astrology, numerology & palmistry to give you supper accurate remedies.

8) Is The Report Created Manually -

Yes. The report is created by me manually after looking at the charts. Everything is done manually. 

Here is What People Who Have Consulted Me Have To Say!

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He Is Excellent At What He Does. Personal Life Become So Much Better.

Red t.png

Their Readings Were Excellent For Me.  Helped Me  Lot In Improving My Relationship


They Gave Me Simple Remedies Which I Was Able To Do From Home & I Don't Know How But It Worked.

4.8/5 (3451 Ratings)

999 /-

Rs 499 /- Only
(Limited Time Offer)

G Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, BHIM UPI

✔️Get Remedies In A Few Hours
6535+ People Have Already Taken This
✔️Majority Of The People See Within Results In 5 to 20 Days
✔️Bonuses Worth 5000+

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