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Which Hand Should Be Given More Importance In Palmistry?

I get a question a lot of times that were you should look at your right hand for your left hand while reading the Palmistry. 


The answer is both. 


Right hand is given the more important if you are independent and earning your own bread and butter. 


However, if you are dependent on someone financially and are not working your left hand have more prominence.


Right hand is your karmic hand and your left hand is your destiny hand.



How is the entire thing which has said is beast on the assumption that you are right-handed. Almost 72 - 88 per cent people are right-handed


To speak of things very precisely your dominant hand is your carving hand and your non-dominant hand is your destiny hand. 


You have to try to understand that while reading your Palmistry & your astrology charts you need to combine both your hands and take them into the picture. 



This helps us get an elaborate idea of how your destiny has been and how your own actions have lived up to it and what ripple effects have to be created. 


Furthermore, palmistry should always be Cross-referenced with your astrology or Kundli & numerology. I always do this so that I can exactly find out the problem that is there in the life of the people whose chart I read and give them with the super easy and ultra-effective remedies which are literally transforming life. 

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