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The Saturn Effect

Once upon a time, in the heart of the Ranthambore Forest in India, there lived a majestic lion named Babbar Sher. In his prime, Babbar Sher was a fierce and agile hunter, leading his pride with pride and strength. He would chase down his prey with lightning speed, his golden mane flowing in the wind as he demonstrated his dominance over the vast lands he ruled.
As the years passed, the once-mighty Babbar Sher began to feel the weight of time upon his shoulders. His once-roaring voice grew softer, and his once-powerful legs began to lose their speed. He found it harder to keep up with the younger members of the pride during hunts, and gradually, he started to feel a sense of solitude creeping into his life.
Gradually his hunts used to escape from him, leaving him exhausted, embarresed and humbled. His pride was about to discard him. As he rested under the shade of an ancient banyan tree, observed the actions of the crows. Unlike the other animals, the crows were patient and observant creatures, and their keen eyes allowed them to spot opportunities others might miss. The crows would watch from a distance as other predators hunted their prey. Instead of diving in recklessly, the crows would wait for the right moment, and when the other predator succeeded in catching its meal, the crows would swoop in quickly and snatch some piece for themselves.

As he rested under the shade of an ancient banyan tree, he understod that he will need to let go of the ego of his youth and dice a way. He will need to reinvent, . He realized that he could no longer rely on brute force alone. To survive and thrive, he needed to embrace a new way of living.

He realized that he could still be a formidable hunter, not with speed and strength, but with patience and strategy, just like the clever crows. He learned to move with grace and stealth, blending into the shadows, and patiently waiting for the right opportunity to strike.
Babbar Sher's newfound approach to life extended beyond the hunt. As the seasons changed and time marched on, Babbar Sher's pride began to admire his newfound wisdom and approach. They looked to him not just as a powerful leader, but as a wise and experienced mentor. His legacy grew, not through the might of his youth, but through the wisdom he embodied in his older years. The story is not about the Lion. The story is Why Shani Dasha COmes And What Needs to be done., Two Things - Loose The Ego & 2nd Reinvent Your Self.

. Just like Babbar Sher faced a time when things slowed down, and he felt a bit isolated, Saturn Dasha can be a period when life becomes more challenging. It teaches us to shed our ego and become patient, much like Babbar Sher's transformation into a patient and strategic hunter.

Saturn, like a kind teacher, provides us with opportunities to learn and grow. If we fail to heed its lessons, challenges may persist until we are broken, but if we embrace its teachings, we can ascend to new heights by the time the Dasha ends.
Babbar Sher's transformation into a patient and strategic hunter allowed him to thrive even in the face of challenges. The acceptance of his situation and the willingness to adapt to it became the foundation for his success. He became an embodiment of Saturn's teachings - learning from experience, shedding ego, and embracing patience and reinventing your self.
The key takeaway from this fable is that Saturn's lessons are invaluable. By letting go of our impatience and ego, and learning to work diligently and persistently, we can navigate through difficult times and emerge stronger and more resilient. Embrace the Saturn Dasha as a period of growth, transformation, and self-discovery, for it is in the embrace of this phase that we can truly unlock our fullest potential and achieve greatness.

Here are some remedies for Saturn - (Third is Most Imp)

Donate to Undervalued Workers: Saturn is associated with people who do essential but often underappreciated jobs, such as toilet cleaners, delivery personnel, postmen, house helps, and sweepers. By donating to and supporting these workers, we show gratitude and respect for their hard work and dedication. Treating them with kindness and politeness can also be a way to honor Saturn's energies.
Contribute to Old Age Homes: As Saturn represents old age and solitude, contributing to old age homes can be a way to reduce the malefic effects of Saturn. Supporting these facilities helps provide care and comfort to the elderly, who may be going through challenging times.
Seek Blessings from Saturn People: The most potent remedy is to seek blessings from individuals embodying Saturn's qualities, such as old people or those in lower socio-economic positions. They are generally not given enough attention. When you take your time and talk to them give them attention, there soul blesses you. This blessings have the power to change your life. A lot of my overseas clients , particularly of foreign origins, have seen the impact 1st hand, Over there, there is a culture in a lot of cuntries that you can visit oldage homes randomly and interact with old people. I have adviced them to visit oldage homes weekly and just give there time to these people. Each and everyone who has done it has seen live changing results. I

In India also this is possible and a few have done and seen magical changes but dmostly ont know why people are shy or hesitant of doing it and mostly people want some nimbu mirchi or keep this keep that upay. That also works.

But nothing can be compared with the power of Karma. When you do karmic remedies, it changes your life permanently and takes you to a whole diffrent level.

Now enough of my gyan for the day. There was a unexplainable urge to write this since morning so had topost it for you. If you have any thoughts, comments suggestions, You can send me dm or an email. For consultation, use this link -
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Aug 06, 2023

Saturn explained soo well🙏

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