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Things You should Never Keep At Home

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

We generally keep a lot of things at our home without worrying about the impact that it causes on the energy balance of our home. a lot of times things look innocent but they have a very negative impact and simply removing them from the house can drastically bring in positivity in our lives.

Here are the top five things that you should avoid not put at home -

1) Never keep a watch at your home which doesn't work or is defective or doesn't have a proper battery. These will stop all your growth and also invite difficult times in your life.

2) If you have an elephant statue at home try to ensure that the trunk is pointing downwards rather than upwards because a downward pointing trunk shows that the energy associated with the elephant is your favour and it is under your control and upward-pointing Trunk says that the energies are not in your control and will bring in unwanted expenses by means of destructions

3) Never put thorny plants in your homes like aloe vera or cactus plant This causes leakage in your wealth and leads to degradation of health. If you want to keep aloe vera plants you can keep on the top of your roof all the building that you decided but never inside the home.

4) You should not keep broken mirrors at home because broken mirrors break the flow of energies and based environment negative plus it also causes frequent fight among the couples

5) Never keep Sad Painting in your home of offices. It conditions your subconscious mind to be sad all the time. Also, according to Vastu, it attracts events that will cause sadness in life.

In case you are wondering who is the guy - Hi I am Rahul, an entrepreneur & a passionate astrologer & I share free astrological remedies to make your life better.

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